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Each and every modern enterprise has its basic objectives: profit increase, cost minimization, expansion of its areas of operations. To achieve these goals it only becomes possible when several conditions are met: effective company management, optimization and automization of all the company’s business and operational processes. However, the afore mentioned might not suffice. The current trade market and use of modern technologies dictate the essential necessity of employee mobility, perspicuity and convenience of software products application, flexible approach to cooperation with business partners, optimization and harmonization in dealing with these partners. This relates directly not only to the clients and suppliers delivering goods to your company, but to those, who provide up to-date new ways on promotion and movement of goods with the help of web sites and specialized on-line resources, and retail networks. Prompt and expeditious familiarizing with the new available software programs and business-related intercommunication web sites are the key to your company’s success in the modern world of trade. 

SOT was developed particularly to provide a comprehensive modern solution to its users, to get business operating people together for the purpose of mutual benefit. Modern, yet at the same time simple and convenient capabilities, methods of use, offer SOT members modern, but simple and convenient venues, utilization of which will take your company and its relationship and dealings with its partners on the evolutionary new level. 

SOT System setup takes 30 minutes, yet the System immediately becomes your indispensable and irreplaceable assistant granting your Company’s Executives, Personnel and Partners working comfort in all of your business endeavors.

    What is SOT?
    What are the tasks and aims of SOT?
    What are SOT innovations and particularities?
    How and why the SOT System is an invaluable tool?
    What are the opportunities offered by the SOT System?
    Who derives the most benefits from the SOT System use?
    What is the number of the Company’s employees and Customres who can use the SOT System?
    Does the SOT System require installation and hiring out professional software programming specialists?
    How are the questions of security and confidentiality dealt with by the SOT System?
    Does the SOT System provide an option to run a test of the System’s use?